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The Madness Compounds Itself

The madness of Washington compounds itself daily now.

First it was the failure of the Republicans who are supposed to be standing for our freedom and honesty in government … at least many hoped for that … to dare to stand up against Obama in his demands for more money as he declared a coming national disaster of some kind or something if he did not get what he demanded from the House.

What a joke.

Now that government is demanding a “help Sandy” bill be passed that is filled to the hilt with completely unnecessary money for completely unrelated items that go into the millions of dollars and no one but on one seems to understand why those in Washington who are saying no to it are doing that.

The madness grows daily.

It is beyond mindboggling.

Common sense?


Are they becoming antiquidated traits of character in this country?

By the way … is there anyone out there who has a reason to find any outrage at this Des Moines, Iowas gun ban column advocating violence and even death to NRA members and Republicans?

That degree of madness is frightening.

So is this… where a newspaper decided to out gun owners.

Madness with no boundaries … the most dangerous kind of all.