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The New Financial Oligarchy

Obama touts his financial reform bill … which is nothing more than a financial oligarchy ... and the lies he speaks are stomach turning.

He speaks of looking out for “public interest” instead of “special interests”.  Is he kidding?  Nothing he says here is true.  Nothing.

You can read the bill itself here … all 2000 plus pages of it… a bill which Dodd says no one will know how it works until it is enacted.  The same old madness … as Pelosi said about the health bill.. we won’t know what is in it until it is passed.

Lies .. deceit … arrogance … and Obama’s condescending air of superiority over the whole world is hard to take.

Listen if you can stand it…………

Fast Tube by Casper

It seems impossible to understand what makes any one  bow down to Obama?  How can anyone who votes for his bills not know what they are doing to our freedom?

This latest bill leaves no part of our lives untouched.

It truly is Obama rule … a law by which has been created by him a financial oligarchy… which is the rule of all by the hands of a few.

Come  November … this power needs to be neutralized.  The whole lot of bow downers need to be firmly retired.

It is up to us … America.  It is our country we are fighting for.

It is all up to us.