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The New Healthcare

Upon reading this article .. it seems as though the new healthcare we all have staring us in the face is just beginning to be written ..  that it is just now beginning to take shape…

Certain tests ordered to be given free

“The White House issued new rules…”

New rules?

How can this be?  How can “new rules” just be written into a plan already voted on?

Is it written somewhere in fine print .. in the law ..  “.. and this gives me  .. I .. Obama … the power to make any rules i want at any time I wish without having to get approval from any one … concerning the healthcare of every single American everywhere….”?

Obama wanted that bill passed .. in any form at all.

Now it becomes clear why.

He will write it his way as time goes on. That was his plan from day one. Now we will see all he has planned come into play as he issues his “rules” concerning healthcare for every single American.

His lies of the past will now come to be proven to be the lies they were.

It will be no different with the financial reform bill the Senate just passed.

Legality .. constitutionality of it all?  Unimportant.  He has a signed bill .. and he is a power of one.

We will do as he commands … and it begins here … with his first new “rules” written into the healthcare law .. and these new “rules” are the first step to kill all private health insurance in the country.

How can they afford to give away their services and stay in business?

They cannot… and by the way .. these “free” services certainly will never be free.

The only thing that comes for free is nothing.