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The O Permatorium And Our Slumping Economy

Obama’s moratorium on oil drilling in the Gulf.. which quickly became a permatorium… has caused serious repercussions and will continue to for as long as the permatorium is allowed to stand.  It already caused unemployment to skyrocket right along with the cost of gas .. which has risen to double what it was when Obama took office.

How many of you know of at least one person who goes out of town during the week to work after losing their local job  … leaving his family to hold their own at home.. not wanting to uproot them in the hopes that this is all temporary and soon it will revert back to what it was?

It is happening all over the country.

In the meantime… we hear Obama et al  chiding businesses to get their money out of the mothballs and start spending it so our economy will get out of its slump.

It is Obama who has the money in mothballs.  It is he who will not allow business to do best with it as they see fit.

Everyone must listen to the following to understand fully just what this permatorium has caused.. how it works…. and to see how simple it would be to get our economy on track once more.. if it were not for the rule of Obama.

It is brought to us by the Offshore Marine Service Association .. the group that keeps the rigs in the Gulf supplied and running…..

Fast Tube by Casper

By the way.. corporate cronyism is alive and well in the Obama tower.. and was on display at the Obama speech last night for all to see…

First Lady Michelle Obama hosted a number of guests in her box for the speech. They included: Jeffery Immelt, CEO of General Electric; Steve Case, CEO of Revolution LLC and co-founder of AOL; CEO of American Express Kenneth Chenault; and Richard Trumka, president of the AFL-CIO.   Read more  at The Daily Caller.

Also.. need a good reason to like one of the Republicans in the run for the presidential nomination?

Check this out..…. it just might be it!