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The Obama Squeeze

Air Force Academy pic


How many times has your school threatened to shut down the school buses or the football program or whatever else will hurt the parents or children most if the millage they ask for isn’t granted?

Obama has done the same thing with this sequestration thing of course … and it is on such a mega large scale in comparison to our school districts … as he plays with our money to fulfill his agenda in any way he can.

Shut down the White House tours but offer multi thousand dollar internships for students.

Shut down tours for children but push multi million dollar fast train in Vegas.

Release thousands of jailed illegal immigrants and cry “broke” while Obama traveled the country “campaigning” for his agenda … spending millions of dollars crying “Chicken Little” to the country.

How about ‘robo squirel’ and snowmobile competitions?

We are stuck with this person in our Oval Office for the remaining time in his term of four years.

Our only hope is that the Republicans will finally grow a backbone and stand in the way of Obama’s agenda no matter what the cost.

Let’s hope we haven’t run out of hope.

White House becomes house for the rich .. not the poor…..

Democrats preserve possibly millions in Mexican “food stamp” partnership concerning illegals…. 

Military tuition suspended while money for higher education goes to Pakistan…

Air Force Academy cancels July 4th celebration.

Indian reservaations lose federal school money and tuition of children of military men lost in service is cut by thousands while six figure job is filled in Department of Education in Washington D.C.

Obama’s people in D.C. ill prepared though all knew Obama had signed the “sequester” bill in 2011 and at least should have known what was in it.

Police departments beg and barter for ammunition while Homeland Security buys 1.6 billion rounds in last year .

Workers furloughed while Obama administration moves $500 million to Pakistan aid and looks for more.