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The Phoenix Rises … USS New York

At Pier 88 in the Hudson River in New York today rests a testament of the might of the right .. the USS New York.

In her bow lies 7.5 tons of steel from the fallen World Trade Center… the Phoenix rising from the gray ashes of tragedy.  Right does not die… does not lie in ashes to be trampled on.  Right triumphs and triumph it has in the USS New York.

The towers may have crumpled.  The strength lives on .. transferred from one venue to another.

The mighty steel cuts the waves just as mightily as it cut through the clouds.  It holds the pride of America with bold courage as it slides through the waters or sits majestically still in the harbor just as it held that same pride high and straight for all to see under the searing light of day or bathed in the soft light of midnight.

It is a statement to the world that here we are and here we will remain.  Our buildings may fall.

Our might and strength… never.

Welcome … USS New York.

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