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The Price Of Gas

The only way you haven’t noticed the sharp increase in gas prices is if you don’t own a car .. or drive.  It is up over $3/gallon .. and that hurts in an economy where no more hurt can be afforded.

Why the increase you say?

The feds “bought” $600 billion dollars worth of government bonds .. and that in turn has weakened the dollar.  The fear here is that moves like this may cause inflation.

Voila the price of gas.

There is no gas shortage.  The demand for gas has not risen.

Inflation .. caused by the weakened dollar .. caused by the feds decision to buy government bonds.. more and more and more meddling by the governement to only make matters worse.

What is Obama’s response when asked about this?

“.. the Fed is independent of the White House.”

He has no control there?

Hmm.. are not private companies independent of the White House also?  Ones like General Motors and Chrysler?  How about banks and Wall Street enterprises?  How about schools and stores and oil companies?

Seems as though nothing is out of Obama’s reach.

It also seems to me the gas is going right up where Obama wants it to go… beyond our reach.  One way to force us to buy his Government Motors made cars .. I suppose.

Ready to buy your Volt?

Of course .. each one of those will cost we the taxpayers $7500 .. the “government” rebate you know.

Sure hope Obama is enjoying his visit in China.

One day he will be forced to face the reality of what we Americans are all about.

How can he not get the message?

Well .. let every gallon of gas you pump remind you to keep on top of those new people going to Washington.   They have to remember who hired them and why.

It may be up to us to make sure the Washington bug does not infect them.

By the way… could this be one of the purposes for Obama’s “civilian national security force” as he proposed here … way back already when he  was a Senator?