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The Question of Benghazi

A huge question in red stands over Benghzi regarding the terrorist attack and subsesquest murder of Ambassador Steves there on 9/11/12.

That question is why did the government do nothing in reponse?

Obama didn’t so much as order a look at the site … much less order an investigation of the murder.


He never got his men close to Libya regarding this matter … and now he has pulled all U.S. staff out of Libya and ordered the embassy building closed.

What chance will we ever have following this of investigating the attack?

U.S. pulls staff out of Benghazi

There sure seems to be a snake in the woodpile somewhere.

My heart goes out to the family of Ambassador Stevens and those of the other pesonnel injured during this latest attack on our freedom.

This lack of making the perpetrators answer .. this only adds insult to injury… and it is reprehensible.


Update…. from Fox ….

Fox News reported on Friday that the physical security was so substandard at the Benghazi consulate that it required a waiver, signed off in Washington by the secretary of state, the head of diplomatic security, or the heads of foreign building operations. A State Department spokeswoman said there would be no comment on the issue until their internal investigation is complete.

The department, meanwhile, has stood by U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Susan Rice in the face of criticism and calls for her resignation. Rice came under fire for claiming repeatedly the Sunday after the attack that it was a “spontaneous” reaction to protests over an anti-Islam film. The administration now acknowledges the assault was a coordinated terror attack.