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The Real Obama Coming Through

Orgainizng for health care.  It is all very real and very very scary to our freedom of choice in our health care.

Obama is not a proponent of choice in anything .. and certainly not in healthcare.  The truth of how he really believes comes from a vdieo clip from 2003.

Fast Tube by Casper

He has not softened.  He has only learned how to decieve the people on his path to get what he wants .. which is total control over all of us ..not just in health but in cars and energy and jobs and pay and children and education and you name it.. you will find someone in his adminsistration working on how to wrest control from us into their hands.

This from 2007.

Fast Tube by Casper

Welcome to Obamaland.

Welcome to Obamaland… where we are treated oh so well for the peons we are.  We should be oh so grateful we have such powerful people who want to care for us.   How do we dare argue with that?

We had better dare.  It is our freedom .. our lives .. at stake.

Are you standing up and taking notice now?

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