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The Ruler Speaks

Once more .. the ruler speaks to the people.. and this time it is no different than any other time.

He demands his way be done … and done now.  You .. or no one else … needs to know the details .. because it matters not.  He knows what we need.

No one else does.

He not only demands his latest bill be passed … but that it be passed in its entirety.  There will be no negotiating it.  So much for bipartisanship.

Thank goodness for that .. we can’t afford any bipartisanship with this ruler.

It is getting so old.. every single word… and what he intends to do once this “jobs” bill doesn’t pass is to of course blame the Republicans who care not one whit about anyone in this country.. blah .. blah … blah ..

We have heard it all before ….  long before he was ever elected.

Nothing has changed.

Is there nothing more this person is interested in other than spending spending spending… and gouging the “rich” so he can do it while punishing every business that provides us with every essential we need to live .. such as energy?

Oh yeah.. vacationing.

This country has been put at a standstill .. and rightfully so.   Who dares to do a thing with his threats of complete takeover of everyone’s life in the air… and it is everyone’s life .. with all he intends to do with his regulations and rules and laws and demands?  Beyond that .. who has the money left on payday to do anything with but try to pay the essential bills?  How many don’t even have that since jobs are no where to be found? What businesses aren’t being smothered by his new rules and regulations?  How in the world can they possibly afford to grow and open more jobs?  All they can do is shrink and hope they somehow survive Obama’s rule.

Has your life been affected yet?

This says many have been .. more than ever before .. in a very negative way….   poverty level at record high.

Drudge reports today that Obama now has a website where you can go to report any damaging or despairing remarks against him .. and it is called attack watch.  This rings a bell from way back in history … a warning bell.

Is the nation awake out there enough to finally realize the enormous danger this person is to our country .. has been from day one?

It really is up to us to make sure it is .. to make sure Obama is not reelected in 2012.

There is no one else .. just we Americans.

Our country is dependent upon us now as it was dependent upon those citizens at the time of the Revolution and the Civil War… but now it is through the ballot bo that we need to speak once more.

Our voices need to be heard on a continuous basis in Washington.

They need to know every single day that we will not allow one person to remain working for us in Washington who will negotiate with Obama on one single thing.  That may be sounding old too .. .but as long as Obama is there … we need to be too.

There is not one single thing that he does that is good for America.

Let your voice be heard too in the ears of those who have not yet become aware of the danger we are facing right here at home from our own federal government.

That becomes more real every single day.