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TPP Secrets That Advocates Hide


There are many TPP secrets. Hillary Clinton said TPP is the ‘gold standard’ of trade agreements. She also said she wants open borders and open trades.

Do you have any idea what all this entails?

What Hillary says she wants only blankets the TPP secrets.

OJust one secret of the TPP is  all of our industries would or could go anywhere in the world as well as any workforce  … that any nation from anywhere in the world could come to the United States to do their business here and any workforce from any country could come here to work and take the money back to their home country.

It would mean that anyone could come in to live here from anywhere at any time.

We would have no more sovereignty.

It is the end result of that which Obama has been working for from day one in the Oval Office as he went around the world apologizing to every dictator he could find for American greatness.

Clinton would finish the job of reducing the greatness of this country to make sure we are equal to the smallest of third world countries everywhere.

After all… we have done enough damage worldwide these many years ‘proclaiming’ to be the best.

It is time we were all humbled into reality.

Is this what you aspire to for this great nation?