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The Sneakiest Budget Yet

Not only does Obama’s proposed budget that he presented to the Congress yesterday have the greatest tax increases in it of all time for all those making $250,000 or more … it has taxincreases built into it for every American wage earner.

Find out for yourself how this is the sneakiest budget anyone could ever try to pass over on the American people…

Backdoor taxes to hit Americans….

Also included in this budget are the national healthcare bill, the cap and trade bill and the closing of Gitmo.

Do you really think Obama does not mean it when he says ….  “One way or another it will pass.” ?

Keep your voices heard … America.

Obama does not hear but your Congressmen and Senators just may.

This budget spells the ruin of our country.

It must be stopped.

It is by far the sneakiest budget any president has ever tried to pass onto the American people… and Obama dares to speak of  “responsible spending” to us!

Let’s save our country… together.

Be aware … America.

Don’t let Obama’s slick twisted speech fool you.

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