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The Trump Stomp



It is just amazing how everyone who thinks they are someone is taking part in the Trump stomp.

Instead of being afraid of the support Donald Trump is gaining …. the other candidates should be looking closely enough to find out why he is gaining that support.

It is simple.

It is because he is telling the truth.

Tell the truth.

That is something that seems to have gone so far to the wayside in this country since the day political correctness walked in.

Political correctness is nothing more than telling a lie when someone does not want to hear or face the truth.

How refreshing it is to hear the truth coming out of the mouth of someone who wants to represent us in Washington.

It is a far far far cry from what we have heard in a long long long long time.

Keep it up …. Donald Trump.

Step it up … all you other candidates!

Get some courage and BE HONEST…. brutally painfully stripping to the nude HONEST.

You too might be amazed at the outcome.

It sure would beat seeing you taking part in the Trump stomp.