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The Truth About Obamacare Becomes Painfully Clear

UPDATE: President Obama lies to cover his lie.… and the old saying… “…oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive …..” becomes once again painfully clear… as it has in so many words of Obama.

Of course .. you can always blame the insurance companies too… after all.. someone needs to be to blame!

Funny how it is “only” a few million who are losing their health insurance … but they don’t seem to matter much.  Wasn’t it about that same number .. or much much fewer whom we all had to give up for in the first place …. all those “billions” of uninsureds?

By the way … how do all you guys feel about having to have maternity .. and abortion … coverage?

Fast Tube by Casper

The painful truth of what President Obama is in truth and the lies he spoke in arrogance is now finally becoming clear to all… and the truly painful part is knowing how hard it will be to undo all of the damage done by his lies which were believed by far too many trusting people.

Of course … the truly painful part of all of this is the simple fact that all he said was a lie and so many many Americans today stand with no health insurance of any kind when a day or two ago they had the most effective policy anyone could have given them … one they could afford and one that left them secure in the knowledge that should a health crisis arise … they did not have to worry.  Their insurance provider was taking care of them… along with their medical providers.

Today they are left with neither.

And why?

Because their policies did not cover abortions .. never mind what faith they are.  They did not cover maternity .. never mind their families are grown and gone.  They did not cover oh so many wonderful things  that  EVERYONE MUST pay fornow so those who have absolutely no intersest or desire to help themselves will never ever again have to worry their little heads about their health.

Besides… all those policies you wished to keep were “substandard”. Obama said so.

And Obama still lies … as he blames this fiasco now on those “bad apple” insurers.

Bad apple insurers?

Well… someone has to be at fault .. sure isn’t Obama et al.

Never has been .. never will be.

Oh .. the wonderful truth of Obamacare .. the bill that had to be passed before anyone could know what was in it.