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The Ultimate Insult To All Americans


We have all read and heard of the horrible insults this country has been suffering from at the hands of the person sitting in the Oval Office of our White House.

Have you begun to become immune to them … begun takng them in stride as though they now are a normal accepted fact of American life?

Do not allow that to happen to you.  Do not ever ever begin to accept any of that as normal to our American lifestyle.

The following is reason enough to fight and fight and fight back against all of this degradation of this great country.

When a young child can be told to remove the American flag from his bicycle he rides to school .. we know we are in trouble

See video here.

Could any American undergo any worse an insult to his patriotism than to be told not to fly his American flag?

Now that the election is over .. do not grow complacent.

This country needs us all.

Here is another great reason not to… the ultimate nanny state takeover of the feeding of our children is beginning and it starts with Michelle Obama’s demands to “reduce child obesity” and puts that in the hands of the government.

S.3307.. The Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010

This has already been passed by the Senate and the push will be on to pass it in the lame duck session of Congress.

We all love kids .. right?

There is no end to who or what they will use to gain their control… kids being an easy target. They care not about kids anymore than they care about you or I.

The name of the game is control .. by any means necessary.