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The Ultimate Insult

So you thought this health plan of Obama’s would be a good thing .. maybe?

Here is the ultimate insult set forth in it…

Every American’s OBESITY rating will be on his/her electronic health record.

Believe me .. .  there is no way on earth my health record of any kind will be tracked online by anyone.  How to beat this?  By not ever going to a doctor who is partaking in any way of any “government”?  Will it be possible to beat this?

All doctores getting “government” money … will be “required” to keep an electronic record of each patient that can be tracked …. by whom? Obama? His goon council of 25 who will make all final  decisions concerning every American’s medical care?

This … an obesity rating .. to be recorded and tracked electronically .. is the ultimate insult to date to each and every American.

There are sure to be more.

Madness reigns supreme in Washington.

Repeal this law!