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The Veterans Stand For Us Once Again

Million Vet march on Washington D.C.  …

A World War ll Vet finds it overwhelming … as he visits the National Mall for the first time…

Sarah Palin and Rep. Mike Lee in Washington…

Those same people who stood with courage for us in the Armed Forces .. our Veterans … have done it again.

This time they are standing for us to let this administration know just who owns what here.

President Obama does not own our national parks or our National mMemorials … and has no right nor reason to close them down with barriers brought in by hired hands paid for by our tax dollars.

Not one word has been said in the MSM about the veterans’ march on Washington D.C. today … not one word … and the strength and reason they are showing is something this this whole nation should see.

Obama of course will do all he can to hide and deter it … as his “barrycades” are taken down from the National Monuments and brought to the White House. … and who sent out the police … in riot gear no less … and for what purpose?

To fight our veterans????

In the meantime … here is a speech given by David Horowitz at the Kohler conference of the Bradley foundation.  The wheres and what fors don’t matter … what is in the speech does … profoundly.

“Obama is not stupid or incompetent, he is evil, and he is bent on destroying America and replacing it with totalitarianism”  … excerpt – David Horowitz