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The White House Madness Compounds Itself

Who are these people in the White House?  The madness compounds itself on a daily basis.

Yesterday .. or the day before .. it was an obesity report of every American to be posted on their electronic health record.

Today it is a bill backing the collection of employee pay information from businesses in relation to the employees sex, race and national origin.

Is there no bottom to this pit of insanity?

God bless America … or are those days all gone .. brought on by the dumbing down of this great country?

If somehow this White House madness continues to be backed by people who consider themselves to be true freedom loving Americans .. then perhaps we who recognize the madness need to all get down on our knees and beg for help .. for no one less than God could possibly get us out of this cauldron we have all been dragged down into.

Our only hope is voting the White House power out by changing Congress come November .. but .. that will happen only with the help of God.

Man alone cannot fight the madness that is facing us .. the White House madness that would undo every single thing each and every one of us hold so dear to our hearts .. those things that our ancestors fought so hard for in order that we may live free .. those things that only freedom allow… the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

God.. help us all.