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The Worm Turns

The worm turns .. from hope to fear .. and the truth has been revealed completely through the course of the turning.

Obama has gone from spouting hope to pouring fear … all in a matter of two short years.

The hope he was so beautifully fanning out across the nation in 2008 was nothing more than a cloaked veil covering his true inner agenda and the fear he is attempting to drown everyone in now is nothing more than the same.

We should be so thankful for our free speech.  That is what has opened up the truth of what Obama truly stands for .. which is everything but what this country is.

We must be so thankful for our Constitution and those who are willing to stand up for our rights by standing everything before the Constution to be tested.  We now have a federal judge who has determined that the suit by some twenty states against the Obama health care plan can go forward.  In that plan it has an unconstituional decree forcing all Americans to buy something even if it goes against their will.

Above all .. we must be so thankful for all those brave souls who are fanned out over this globe sitting in lines between us and the evil that would destroy us… our Armed Forces.

We have the greatest nation of all history.

So many have gone before us in defense of this nation.  So many have given the full card in that defense.. their lives.

To hear some one sitting in the Oval Office of our White House continue to denigrate everything each of those lives was given to protect is as mindboggling as anything we will ever again come across.

We are by nature a peaceful country… each living his/her life as they see fit .. with the odd ones keeping us on our toes in one way or another.  However .. when push comes to shove .. this old giant will shove back hard and it appears by all reports that the shove is full and mighty.

We have watched the worm… and we now must turn it out.

The truth will be told on November 2.