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There Is No Room For Compromise

Why is Washington at such a stalemate?


There is absolutely no room for compromise.

What Obama wants is so contradictory to what we are as a nation and to give in to him anymore at all is only allowing this nation to continue down the slope of destruction he has us on.

Go over the “cliff”?

We are going to go over the cliff no matter how Congress votes so we should go over at least standing for what is right.

Giving in to Obama means more spending and more “redistribution”.

Do you really want to become successful only to have it taken away and given to those who choose not to work?

Do you really want to see the governement spend more of your hard earned money on special interests to those who will stand firmly behind Obama?

That is what this is all about.

He will not compromise.  He only demands.

We need those in Washington who are not afraid to say no … who are courageous enough to stand up for our freedom no matter what the perceived threat of the outcome of that stand would be.

There is no room for compromise there.


While we wait for the results of this struggle.. another one is looming…

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