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Time For Some To Get A Life

It is time these people who must spend every waking hour of theirs .. and more… on thinking up schemes to make us fear we are going to self implode the erarth if we don’t just quit living completely get a life of their own.

Al Gore is just so pleased to be announcing to the world the “great news”... as he calls it … “great news to give them”.. the people of the world.  “The U.S. House of Representatives has passed the climate bill”… and the Senate will be soon to follow.. according to Gore.

This of course… says Gore.. will finally bring about global governance .. which of course he as been touting forever… and maybe maybe maybe we can save ourselves!

Remember how he told the world we have ten years to doomsday a year or two ago?  Seems he also told his audiences that in 1989.  If he lives long enough .. his prediction one day might come true .. but it won’t be because of global warming.  It will be the day God has finally lost patience with arrogant beings like Gore.

Now on the horizon is the internet… and the “global warming” it is causing.  Of course it does .. for doesn’t everything every single human being does cause global warming?  It would have to because with every breath we take.. we exhale carbon dioxide.

The real true reason for touting “global warming” of course comes out in this statement ….  A climate change response must have at its heart a redistribution of wealth and resources,” said Emma Brinal, a climate justice campaigner coordinator for Friends of the Earth.

Will levying carbon taxes on the richest producers in the world stop the productions? No.. but it will increase costs for the consumer as all taxes go down to the consumer.   So will taxes lower “carbon emissions”and thereby “save” the earth from man’s destruction of  it?  Of course not.. and that is not the intent.

The intent is control …. arrogant deceitful control by man of man… pure and simple… and money.

“The ‘global warming scare’ is being used as a political tool to increase government control over American lives, incomes and decision making. It has no place in the Society’s activities,”said moonwalker astronaut Jack Schmitt in 2008, who flew on the Apollo 17 mission.

Said moonwalker astronaut Dr. Buzz Aldrin….

“I think the climate has been changing for billions of years. If it’s warming now, it may cool off later. I’m not in favor of just taking short-term isolated situations and depleting our resources to keep our climate just the way it is today.”

Here is a dire prediction if the Senate does not pass the climate bill

” If the Senate doesn’t pass a bill to cut global warming,” Democratic Senator Barbara Boxer says, “there will be dire results: droughts, floods, fires, loss of species, damage to agriculture, worsening air pollution and more.”

All the climate bill will accomplish is more power and money from the taxpayers into hands like those of Senator Bozer and Al Gore .. who just happens to be one of the biggest users of energy anywhere.

Global warming … or climate change is only the manufactured tool to get control …. by spreading fear… arrogant deceitful fear of something that is nothing more than a natural part of the earth’s cycle.

Get a life… people .. and by the way… a lot of us enjoy our climate change .. and have been for years … and the best proof that man made global warming is a myth is the fact that the globl warming people themsleves are the ones who saw fit to change global warming to climate change when they realized there is no global warming going on.

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