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The Trouble With Lies

There is one great big universal trouble with lies that never ever changes.

If you tell one lie, another will have to follow to cover that lie …. then another will have to follow to cover the cover lie …. then one more to cover that one …. and on and on and on…..

How pathetically apparent that is today in the case of the truth coming out about just what this administration did to pass Obamacare.

It started with one, then two, and now three videos released letting the public know exactly what these people thought of we the people as they wrote this health law that was so sorely shoved down our throats.

Nancy Pelosi at the time of the passing of the law told us how it will have to be passed to be able to tell what was in it. ¬†Of course …. she and all of the others involved knew exactly what was in it … and at the time, she praised Jonathan Gruber … an architect of the law .. in how it was written.

Today Nancy Pelosi denies even knowing who Jonathan Gruber is.

Wonder what lie will follow to cover that one?

To top that … here is Josh Earnest … White House press secretary … with such a blatant lie about the transparency of this administration it makes you wonder if he even knows what the word truth means… taken from the linked article above from Fox News.

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest, traveling with President Obama in Burma, said he disagrees with Gruber’s comments.

Earnest claimed the bill was written in a transparent way and that it’s Republicans who aren’t transparent about how they would replace it.

As Sir Walter Scott stated … “Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive.”

The lib web is quite intricate by now.