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Trump Them With The Truth

searchThere need to be more candidates with the backbone to do what Donald Trump is doing…. telling it like it is and never mind the fallout… the truth is the truth is the truth.

Where are those other candidates?

Is everyone really that completely tied up in “political correctness” that truth means nothing anymore?

Speak up!

We need people to speak up.

We are in the midst of the most deadly transformation of this country that could ever take place and our candidates who see that and say they are against it are also afraid to stand up and really fight for what they believe in or they really don’t mean what they are saying.

Which is it?

The average American citizen is not in a position to do more than contact their representatives in Congress .. who also seem to not want to dare do anything to stand up for this country and all it has ever stood for … but those candidates who have their names out there have the power to do a lot.

Donald Trump seems to be the only one with the courage and the caring to stand up for our American ideals which have made this country so great.

More power to him!

I for one am waiting to see what he would say to the first lawsuit forcing churches who hold same sex of any kind immoral and an abomination in God’s eyes into marrying a same sex couple.