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TSA Terror?

First there was John Tyner who refused to allow himself to be groped at the hands of a TSA employee and was not allowed to walk through the metal detector but instead was banned from his flight .. and now has the government “investigating” him.

Following this has come the outroar across the nation which brings out the truth of how the American people feel about these “security” measures.

There came the video of the three year old girl crying out at the TSA employee to not touch her… which took place in January of 2009.  That video has since been removed from public view.

Now comes the report of the woman from Amarillo who says her breasts were exposed at a pat down in a secure area and it became a laughing matter to those who witnessed it and those who wish they had.

There is the mother who was .. in her eyes .. sexually assaulted at the hands of a female TSA employee who gave her no forwarning that she planned to grope her right to her vagina.

Where in the world has common sense gone?  Is there any other country in the world who humiliates its own people in such a way as our TSA humiliates us?

The worst of it for me was being asked to “strip” down to the tank top I was wearing before I walked through the metal detector.  That was bad enough.

This of course is the result of “political correctness”… a misconstrued idea that if we dare point out the truth of something to someone we are being offensive and are liable to lawsuits.

It is absolute madness.

All international terrorists have been Muslims .. period.

The Muslims may not like hearing that but it is the truth.  So why is the TSA hand searching a three year old child who in no way resembles anyone from any Muslin country or of Muslim heritage … while at the same time the head of TSA .. Janet Neapolitano .. is considering allowing Muslim women to go through security unchecked?

Common sense must begin to prevail.  We as citizens must stand up against this invasion of our freedoms … our lives.  We perhaps have gotten to this point partly due to our own naivete as we have trusted our government to do “right” by us as they in turn worked that trust and naivete against us in the most sureptitious ways.

Our eyes have been opened.

Stand up and voice your rights.

It is your freedom to lose.

Oh.. by the way .. here is a last resort from the “we know everything .. you really know nothing” side….

‘… let’s once and for all stop the American people from thinking they know what is good for them .. we all know they really know nothing... all we have to do is get Fox off the air...’