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Two Images Made By Obama




UPDATE: White House blocks access to Obama events, news groups say.

Two images clashed in my mind today in a way that made Obama and what he is intending for our great country more clear than ever.

The first image came from reading about a woman in the state of Washington who was forced to go on Medicaid after losing her health insurance plan because of Obamacare.  It did not force her to go and seek Medicaid on her own…. it automatically enrolled her when she went onlne to see what plans Obamacare offered.  It was one and one only… Medicaid.. and when she pressed the button a navigator told her to to try to get out of the website without enrolling… it instead came back with a “Congratulation! You are now enrolled in Medicaid.”  She said nothing ever made her feel so poor…in her words… “the poor get poorer.”

It is an image no one wants to have of themselves. Obama gave it to her.

The second image comes in the form of literal images of Obama himself.

We no longer get pictures of our president as he is wherever he may be.. no impromptu pictures of him taken by the crew of photographers that have always stayed with and followed our presidents.

Now we get only those pictures taken by state run media.  Sound ominous? Sound like the old Russia .. or Russia of today also? It does … and it is all propaganda.

This second image is the complete opposite of the first …. as the first is the reality of the results of Obamacare… while the second is a completely false image of who and what Obama really is even as it reveals the truth of who and what he is in a way that nothing else has.

Two images … made by Obama.

Think about it…. long and hard.