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Two Non Sensical Quotes To The Extreme

We hear politicians making the most bizarre statements these days … I would guess more than ever in the past.

Two of the most bizarre non-sensical, to the extreme …. quotes of the past few days are below.

The first is from Barb Streisand …. as she pleads with Democrat voters via email ....

“Just this week in Texas, voting rights were dismantled, essentially blocking minorities and many students and seniors from voting,” she wrote.

We have all heard this whining before from many different liberal mouths … which to me is just further reason to know just how much they plan to commit voter fraud come election day.  Were they not planning for that … would they be objecting at all?

Of course not.  T

Who in the world does not carry a photo ID these days?

After all … you need and ID to do everything today … from getting on an airplane to making a return to Walmart without a receipt.

That is why this falls into the “non-sensical quotes to the extreme” category.

The second quote is from Debbie Wasserman-Schultz … Democratic National Committee chairman.

Wasserman-Schultz  argued Democrats will keep control of the chamber because “Republicans have let down Americans by taking away their health care and opposing minimum-wage increases.”

Taken away their healthcare?

Did that not have something to do with Obamacare?

I guess soon conservatives will be getting all the accolades for writing Obamacare …. and for forcing it down the throats of we the people.

After all … in no way at all … no way whatsoever … does a single liberal have their hands on anything that is bad for we the people.

Just ask them.

They will tell you.