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Obama And Unions And The IRS And Michigan Daycare

She is an entrepreneur.. owning a child daycare facility.

In 2009 she was notified that she was a new member of the United Auto Workers union.  

That was the beginning of a battle that was taken up by the Mackinac Center for Public Policy in Michigan … a battle for freedom against the union which had …hand in hand with then Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm (D) … illegally formed an umbrella corporation into which they pulled every group and family daycare owner in the state.

The UAW then confiscated “dues” from the checks the state sent to them to cover daycare help for qualifying low income parents of children in their care.

After a diligent two year battle by the Mackinac Center … through the hard work of Attorney Patrick Wright … in which they took the fight all the way to the Supreme Court of Michigan… the battle was won and present Governor Rick Snyder ended the Union money grab in 2012.

She along with two other daycare owners spoke her cause when she could .. when asked. A very private person … she was willing to stand up for the freedom she knew was taken from her.

During this time … she was warned that she most likely would be audited … after all this involved money being kept from the liberals pockets.  They were taking in millions per year and now that was stopped. She was up against power in high places.

She made sure her tax papers were always in order.

Time went on.

June 2012 brought  a phone call from the local IRS office.  She was being audited for the year 2010.

This was no surprise to her.

However … though she was told the final report would be ready in about three weeks after the audit at her place of business in June of 2012  … it was not until the week before Christmas of 2012 that a knock came on the door and there was her IRS auditing agent with the much delayed report in hand.

There had been no warning ahead of time that the agent would be visiting any time soon … much less that day at that time.

It was the busiest time of her business day and she had no time to sit down to read the report and passed this on to the agent…. asking if she could leave the report so she could read it.

The agentt told her … “I have orders from my boss that I am not to leave here without either a signature on this report or a date set up for a full audit for the year 2011.”

Flustered and busy … she signed the report.

She then found out later when reading it that the IRS claimed she owed them thousands upon thousands of dollars.

She called the agent .. spoke to the agent’s boss …  and was told to call for an audit reconsideration.

In the meantime the IRS  sent her letter after intimidating letter … threatening “garnishment”… home lien …. presumably the usual things they do.  Upon calling the IRS to let them know where she stands she was told she owes twice as much as the report she signed said she owed.

How did this happen?

Well…. she was told.. she was audited for 2010 and 2011 … and the added thousands was from the year 2011.

So… what was the reason for the threat that was made at the door … sign or else? Was it just for the purpose of forcing her to sign the audit report? The audit for the year 2011 was apparently already a fact at that time.  It was not included in the report.

Shady tactics?

Oh yeah.

Could the decision to audit her business have had anything to do with her participation in the fight against the Union making the state daycare owners members?

The union lost an annual intake of about $4 million with the halt to the daycare union.

You tell me.

Her business makes less than $100,000/ year.

The revelation in the news headlines that the IRS has been targeting conservative groups did not at all surprise her. The Mackinac Center for Public Policy is a non-profit tax exempt group very much in touch with the threat to our economic freedoms and works full time to protect them and preserve that which is best for we the people.

Of coure she wasn’t surprised.

After all … to take a quote from Hot Air..

“…..Joe Klein would like you to know that the IRS’s behavior may be wrong but not nearly as wrong as Republicans’ attempts to obstruct business in Washington by … investigating the wrongdoing. Evidently that’s the “real scandal” here. Actual quotation: “What is more dangerous to our democracy, the Obama Administration’s massaging of its mistakes or the Republicans’ constant campaign to paralyze our government through diversions like these?”…”

Those “diversions like these” of course are the investigation of those wrongdoings …. which can never be classified as “mistakes”.

They are deliberate and meaningful moves and have one goal in mind …. total control.

Just dare to stand in their way.