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Washingtonians Fly High As They Cry “FEAR FEAR FEAR”

Even as so many in Washington are crying ‘there is no money….no money … no money …. we need more  more more…’ … many of those same voices are flying high on the money of you .. the taxpayer.. with no thought of stopping.

Las Vegas style conferences .. millions and millions of dollars

Holder’s luxury jets … millions and millions of dollars

Barack and Michelle’s extravagance … millions and millions of dollars

Just plain old stupid spending … millions and millions and millions of dollars

The only real fear these people should be telling you about is the fear that they may one day have to really give up some of these millions of dollars of ridiculous spending of your money.

Of course … they will do all they must … right to seeing you starve …. before allowing that to happen.

They are what they are.

and is this really new … that Obama abandons principles?

… and the biggest principle of all… his abandonment of the definition of marriage as being between a man and a woman … as he urges the Supreme Court… or ‘orders’ them perhaps in his eyes … to turn prop 8 in California upside down … a proposition the people of that state voted for.

Where does the sovereignty of the states fall in Obama’s eyes?

Seemingly it doesn’t exist … and if they try to enforce it … will he punish them?

That has been threatened several times … by the threat of withholding federal funds especially.