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We The People

This has to be the most hopeful news of the day  ….

We the people… we are back.

Obama is living in such a void … a place of unreality where he seems to hear or see nothing that is going on in the real world.

It matters not how much we the people have spoken out .. how we have made our voices heard.  It matters not how much respect this country has lost around the world at his hand. It matters not how weak we must seem to those countries. It matters not how the economy continues to slide.  It matters not how many jobs have been lost.  It matters not what the effects of his policies are to the people and on the people.

It just matters not.

The next far left liberal he can appoint to rule us does matter. The next golf course does seem to matter.  The next best photo op seems to matter.  The next lie that can possibly win him some votes come November to retain his power seems to matter.

We the people matter.  We count.

Obama will hear that and come to know it in November.

We will make that happen … we the people … after all .. .we are Americans and we never just lie down and die.

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