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Well If I Had Known None Of This Would Have Happened!

Can’t you almost hear those words out of Obama’s mouth?

‘If I had known …. certainly none of these awful things would have happened!’

You almost expect him to say that.

He saw nothing… heard nothing … knew nothing … about ANYTHING!


Oh… pardon me.  He did get bin Laden.

Now of course he is going to make all these awful things right.

Here is what he is doing about the awful IRS scandal he knew nothing about.

How ignorant he holds us all to be.

The sad reality is if he gets away with all this corruption …. he is right.

This country will have then become far too ignorant to deserve the great freedoms we have.

Listen to Holder call Rep. Issa “Shameful”.   Of course … he was not involved in anything either.  

Oh those inefficient mind of their own underlings he and Obama have!

If it was not so real … it would be a hysterical comedy.

The IRS scapegoats will pay … those “rogue” workers … you know.