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What The Mainstream Media Should Be Saying


Our country is being lost from right within and the heaviest of the blame goes in one direction .. to the mainstream media.

What they should be saying as opposed to what they are saying is in direct opposition to one the other.

They know … as so many of us do … that a great part of the population of Americans rely completely on that media to keep up to date on what is happening around us and around the world.

That media is now focused on propaganda … on covering Obama at any cost .. even at the cost of American lives.

What they choose to do with the now ongoing Benghazi attack hearings can sadly be easily predicted … even before we see it actually happening.

It is taken as every other event that has a negative finger pointing at Obama and twisted and turned till none of the truth is left … and the blame for everything horrible happening in and to we the people is because of one facet of we the people and one facet alone .. the conservative right wing nuts who have no compassion for any one or anything.

The worm has turned.

The only question left is will it turn upright again?

Is it even able to?

What should the media be saying?

What should have happened as Benghazi unfolded.

The truth.

That is what they should be saying.

Plain and simple.

How sad that even as the terrible truth unfolds the media tries to make it look like nothing more than a savage attack on the part of the Republicans to hurt Hillary Clinton who the media seems to  foresee as running for the presidency in 2016.

Cover cover cover … even at the cost of American lives.

What they do …. the media .. is unforgivable.