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Where In The World Is Obama Living?

Reading the CEA report … the White House Economic Advisers report on the economy .. makes you wonder just where in the world Obama is living.

It surely cannot be here in the United States.  That report cannot refer to the state of this country.  It is absolutely impossible.

So in what country.. where in this world .. is Obama really living?

Read the CEA report .. then read this report by Chris Isidore at CNN Money.

They are polar opposites.

Every American knows which one is based on the state of this country.

The other is nothing but a pack of lies .. and for what?  Who is it meant to fool?  Those who are hurt the most already by the economy of the day?  Those who do not understand that Obama is not a friend of theirs?  Those who have no concept of how this economy works?

It is absoultely amazing that someone sitting in our White House has the gall to do what he is doing … as he snubs his nose at we the people. He is like a child .. which is an insult to children really…. as he plays his “Na na na na na na… I won!” game.

Well .. he did… and it is those who are upholding his skewed ideas and putting them into play that are ultimately to blame.

Lets stop this in November.

We must.