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White House Takes On Arizona

Now it is our White House against one of our states … Arizona.

If Washington was doing its job .. Arizona would not have to be taking it upon their own hands to protect their people and their state from the deadly dangers of the illegal immigrants flowing into Arizona.

The argument of Washington .. using this as a cover of course for its real reason which is not expressed .. but which we all know is to “purchase” the Spanish vote … is that “Spanish people will be unfairly targetted …. that people do not walk around with their green cards” or whatever.

What a joke.

Do you drive a car?  Do you have to carry your driver’s license with you?  Do you have to carry your proof of insurance in your car?

Do you have to show proof of identity in many transactions you undertake in daily life … right to some store returns?

The fact that the White House is taking on a battle against one of our states which is only attmpting to protect itseslf because the federal government will not is a horrible day for our country.

Our White House seems to have become a home for a completely foreign entity to all Americans.

Our White House is inhabited by enemies of we the people… enemies of freedom… enemies of all this country stands for.

The White House really has taken on one of our states …. the White House against Arizona.


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