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Who Really Doubted?

Who really doubted the real reason General David Petraaus “resigned” from his post as CIA director in September of 2012?

Was it really due to an affair … of all things?

Of course not.

Who ever doubted that the real reason he was forced to leave his post was because he was not willing to play Obama’s game concerning the Benghazi attack?

Is there any one who still doubts that truth?

Read here. … as the Benghazi scandal grows as the truth emerges more and more clearly.  Your doubts will disappear once and for all.

General Petraeus … thank you for all the good you did for this country.

The threats must have been dire and must have concerned more than you yourself for you to have resigned.

Dont’ we all know that?


In the meantime … we are once more sabotaged by those who would want us to think they believe as we do .. in our freedom… namely Lindsey Graham and Jeff Flake .. two “conservative” Gang of Eight members who could have demanded some sense concerning the immigration reform bill but didn’t.

 The amendment by Sen. Chuck Grassley of Iowa, top Republican on the Senate Judiciary Committee, would have required control of the U.S.-Mexico border for six months before anyone could seek legal status. Grassley said the measure was designed to ensure that the border really is secured. But a lead supporter of the legislation, Democratic Sen. Chuck Schumer of New York, said the real impact would be to “delay, probably forever, any legalization” for immigrants now living in the country without authorization, who would eventually be eligible for citizenship under the bill.

The Judiciary Committee vote to defeat the amendment was 12 to 6, with Republican Sens. Jeff Flake of Arizona and Lindsey Graham of South Carolina voting with Democrats…

The vote on the Grassley amendment was likely the first of several in which the Republican authors sided with Democrats on the committee to vote down amendments from their own side. Schumer and Durbin also are expected to lend their votes to Republicans to defeat Democratic amendments that could improve the bill for immigrant families but make it less palatable for Republicans to support.


Also…. by bringing us “back to the future” by restricting gas use is as important as freeing the slaves was at the time of Lincoln… according to some ridiculous imaginations of some very very far off base fellow citizens of ours.

Denying the Keystone Pipeline by Obama supposedly is just that … a milestone in history about equal to the freeing of the slaves.

Imagine that.

And now… imagine what would be happening if a Republican president did to the Benghazi attack as Obama has done to it?

That is not hard to imagine in any way.

We all know  what the results would be and that would be a far cry from how the media is treating Obama’s great cover up... after all…. death is a part of life… right?

What horrible madness when American lives are put at the bottom of the garbage pile to be used as pawns as Obama chooses.

He …. Obama …. went to Las Vegas to take part in a fundraiser during the Benghazi attack.

Why is he not impeached for just that fact alone .. never mind all the actions that may have been directly responsible for the deaths of those American lives taken in Benghazi on that horrible night in September of 2012 when this administration failed them completely?

The most tragic part in all of this … after the loss of those lives being the most tragic … is that there are so many Americans who will never realize the truth as long as the media covers Obama at any cost …. even at the cost of American lives.