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Why Do We Wonder?

We wonder why and how Americans could back Obama in any way shape or form.  No one who values their freedom could possibly stand up and say “Yay Obama!”

Could they?

Read these poll results from CBS News and you will no longer have to wonder why.

This poll is about the favorability standing of Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid.

We have been inundated with these two faces and their words and promises and lies for over a year … and people still have not heard enough to make a decision on what they feel about them?

Looks like a lot of Americans have slept through this past year.

It would be  interesting to know how these same people who have no idea who Pelosi or Reid are have to say about Obama.

Would they .. could they .. be the same ones who so blindly believe every promise he makes because they so desperately want everything for nothing and will follow anyone who would promise them just that .. no matter what the name .. off the deadliest cliff around?  Are they the ones who rallied behind all the deceit of Obama just for the sake of “everything for nothing”?


Why do we wonder?

The dumbing down of America began a long long time ago.

The results are playing out before our eyes today  .. the proof shown in polls such as this.

Let’s just hope they stay asleep through the November election.

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